Who is JaBig?

JaBig, born Jean-Aimé Bigirimana in Rwanda in 1979, is a Canadian international DJ celebrated for his ability to transcend continents and cultures with his music.

In 2013, Casol Magazine recognised his exceptional talent, naming him ‘The Best House DJ of the moment’ midway through his evolving career. This accolade cemented his mastery of House Music and highlighted his versatility with genres such as Classical, Samba, Bossa Nova, Jazz and South African sounds, affirming his status as a versatile and pivotal figure on the global music scene.

Immigrating to Canada in 2002 marked a pivotal moment in JaBig’s career, catapulting him onto the worldwide DJ stage. His passion for music and DJing, however, was sparked much earlier.

His formative years, especially his exposure to a diverse range of musical genres at an international school in Kenya, profoundly influenced his musical direction. This rich tapestry of influences has propelled a life marked by passion, discovery and global acclaim, seamlessly integrating his early musical interests with his burgeoning DJ journey.

Musical Style and Evolution: JaBig’s musical evolution reflects a rich auditory exploration, beginning with delighting audiences at secondary school birthday celebrations in Kenya as a teenager, university socials in South Africa as a student and nightclubs and club nights in his Montréal hometown in his early adulthood.

As he rose to prominence in the global House Music scene, his DEEP & DOPE mixes on streaming services and sites flourished alongside, becoming a signature part of his DJing and attracting worldwide attention.

Notable for their ingenious blend of Afro, Deep, Latin, Soulful, Jackin and Tech House, these compilations have amassed billions of minutes streamed across YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Mixcloud and other platforms. This global reach is a testament to JaBig’s significant impact on the music industry and his adeptness at uniting diverse audiences through the power of music.

Artistic Process and Philosophy: JaBig’s DJ sets are a masterclass in musical storytelling, meticulously tailored to the audience’s mood and atmosphere. Transitioning from vinyl to digital has enabled him to blend tracks from House Music’s origins in the ’80s to contemporary underground hits. His approach, favouring long, smooth transitions with minimal effects, respects the music’s integrity and showcases its essence.

Career Highlights: JaBig’s DJ journey has seen him perform in iconic venues worldwide from Brazil and the UK to Ecuador, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, the USA, Switzerland and Italy.

A defining moment was his first time performing in New York City, one of House Music’s birthplaces. There, his memorable set for the scene’s connoisseurs and alongside revered legends not only affirmed his place in the genre’s global landscape but also provided a profound sense of validation and relevance.

His talent for uniting diverse audiences through his music shines in his performances at prestigious venues worldwide. This includes appearances at W Hotels in Montréal, Paris, New York City and Amsterdam as well as Nikki Beach in Miami Beach, Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas. His memorable sets at Cielo in New York City and Aures and Trapeze in London further highlight his global appeal.

Additionally, JaBig has showcased his skills at events for renowned festivals and brands, affirming his status in the music world. He has played for audiences at Cirque du Soleil, Formula One, Davos, Playboy, Red Bull, Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride and the Montréal International Jazz Festival, to name a few.

These engagements are just a selection from a career that has spanned over 20 years, reflecting his enduring influence and versatility as a DJ.

JaBig’s body of work has attracted extensive media coverage from prestigious outlets such as CNN, BBC, CBC, Radio Canada, CTV News and Global TV, showcasing his broad appeal.

The DEEP & DOPE series highlights JaBig’s profound global influence, bridging cultural divides and connecting listeners around the globe.

Current Endeavours and Future Aspirations: “The Big Journey,” JaBig’s in-development ambitious project, involves travelling the world by car, with DJ equipment in tow, to perform live sets in breathtaking locales. This unique venture offers a fusion of cultural exploration and musical expression, reflecting his passion for music and adventure.

This project, alongside his Spring 2024 European tour, marks the next chapter in his commitment to sharing House Music’s universal language. As he looks forward to expanding his international DJ touring, JaBig continues to dream big, aiming to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide through his music.

Engagement and Legacy: Every performance by JaBig is an invitation to experience joy, escape and unity. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of House Music, he aspires to leave a lasting legacy of healing and community through his music, echoing the pioneers who shaped this genre.

Connect with JaBig:  Join JaBig as he continues to craft a mosaic of music, travel and philanthropy, inspiring a global audience with every DEEP & DOPE beat.

To follow his journey or explore collaboration opportunities, reach out via email and connect on social media for tour dates and other endeavours.

Email: jabig@jabig.com
Listen to JaBig: YouTube, SoundCloud or Mixcloud.
Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Strava.

Spinning Change from Decks to Wheels with Purpose

In Norway’s Arctic Circle whilst cycling across Europe to Spain in 2023 to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief

JaBig’s spirit of adventure is vividly showcased through his extensive cycling achievements.

These include his monumental 15-month, 18,000 km (approximately 11,185 miles) expedition across Canada in winter on a fixed-gear bicycle, to break and set a Guinness World Record and captured in the multiple award-winning short film ‘Escape’.

Escape directed by Anjali Nayar featuring Jean-Aimé Bigirimana a.k.a DJ JaBig and presented by MEC

“An adventure to escape expectations and in the process exceeding them.” –Claire Carter Writer, Film Officer for Kendal Mountain Festival, ‘Creative Consultant’.

A select list of awards won by Escape, a film by Anjali Nayar.

Released in 2018, Escape became a hit in over 50 festivals around the world such as Trento Film Festival in Trento, Italy – the oldest international film festival dedicated to the mountains, adventure and exploration, Mountainfilm – one of America’s longest-running film festivals, Banff, Canada’s leading outdoor film festival or Rocky Spirit Festival, Brazil’s largest outdoor film festival where it won the Audience Choice Award for Best International Short Film.

Additionally, his commitment to bike touring and philanthropy continued as he traversed Canada again in 2020 during the pandemic, explored Europe in 2019 passing through the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland, circumnavigated the United States in 2022 and undertook an expedition in 2023 from the northernmost cyclable point in Europe to its southernmost tip visiting 12 countries along the way.

These journeys, coupled with his philanthropic efforts for the World Food Programme and World Bicycle Relief, highlight his dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond the music scene. Each adventure, serving as both a personal challenge and a means to benefit global communities, underscores JaBig’s commitment to using his platform for positive change.

Sunset-watching in Santa Monica/Los Angeles California in March 2023 whilst cycling the United States of America