You may have probably noticed that JaBig on SoundCloud is no more. The account has been suspended due to major record labels putting pressure on SoundCloud to remove mixes by DJs.

So after hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of subscribers JaBig is not longer on SoundCloud but is still live on YouTube and more recently on MixCloud. Thank you for your loyal support!


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It seems like Montréal skipped Spring and shot straight to Summer. But I am not complaining at all!

Stay tuned for my Summer travels that will includes DJ dates and some general fun adventures especially those on two wheels by following my JaBig Instagram account where I post most updates.

Wish you all a sizzling Summer 2015!


Hello, I have a new YouTube channel to add to the already existing one. I will be putting together a bunch of new music channels so that I don’t overwhelm everyone with different styles. So for each genre, a different channel will be available.

Click on the image below for the DEEP & DOPE YouTube channel, one that will only feature the very best of House Music!

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I am a big fan of Erykah Badu and I have been waiting for the perfect time to make a proper mix honouring her beautiful music.

Yesterday, I had a night off so I dedicated the whole evening in programming, recording and mixing, editing and publishing a DEEP & DOPE 4-Hour Ode to the “First Lady of Neo Soul” as Erykah Badu is usually described as.

I hope that you will enjoy it if you are fan and that you will get a fond of liking of it if you are a new listener to her amazing voice.

Listen via YouTube

Listen via SoundCloud

Unfortunately, I cannot share this mix as a free download as I am too scared of the possible legal ramifications :(

I mix at La Champagnerie – Bar à sabrage quite often as you may have noticed. But what is that I play? It’s not always House Music. Sometimes when it’s a more mellow evening, I play some Downtempo Music.

This is the full set as recorded last Wednesday when I was the guest DJ.

Check it out also on SoundCloud

As usual, you may download this DEEP & DOPE mix by clicking here