Hello, I have a new YouTube channel to add to the already existing one. I will be putting together a bunch of new music channels so that I don’t overwhelm everyone with different styles. So for each genre, a different channel will be available.

Click on the image below for the DEEP & DOPE YouTube channel, one that will only feature the very best of House Music!

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I am a big fan of Erykah Badu and I have been waiting for the perfect time to make a proper mix honouring her beautiful music.

Yesterday, I had a night off so I dedicated the whole evening in programming, recording and mixing, editing and publishing a DEEP & DOPE 4-Hour Ode to the “First Lady of Neo Soul” as Erykah Badu is usually described as.

I hope that you will enjoy it if you are fan and that you will get a fond of liking of it if you are a new listener to her amazing voice.

Listen via YouTube

Listen via SoundCloud

Unfortunately, I cannot share this mix as a free download as I am too scared of the possible legal ramifications 🙁

I mix at La Champagnerie – Bar à sabrage quite often as you may have noticed. But what is that I play? It’s not always House Music. Sometimes when it’s a more mellow evening, I play some Downtempo Music.

This is the full set as recorded last Wednesday when I was the guest DJ.

Check it out also on SoundCloud

As usual, you may download this DEEP & DOPE mix by clicking here

While the site is being redesigned, feel free to listen to some music. Just press play on any mix in the list below. Thanks for tuning in!

DEEP & DOPE 253 is a mix that I recorded live at La Champagnerie on New Year’s Eve while I was warming up the festivities. It has a nostalgic tone to it and features some classic Acid Jazz jams and of course some solid Soulful House and Deep House delicacies.

This mix is dedicated to Montréal’s great Sharon “Metro Talent” McGoogan who went to be with the Lord in late 2014. She will be missed by all of us and I look forward to seeing you one day, dear friend!

As usual, you may download this DEEP & DOPE mix by clicking here


Thank you for all the love in 2014 to all you 55 million new and frequent fans, from *ALL* 193 countries in the world, of my DEEP & DOPE mixes on YouTube and SoundCloud who listened to a whopping 2 billion minutes worth of music!

Thank you for attending my various DJ gigs all over the planet. Thank you for buying DEEP & DOPE t-shirts and hoodies. Thank you for sharing my mixes with your friends and lovers of music. Thank you for writing me such nice messages praising my work. It means a lot. Thank you all who booked me and hosted me in your cities.

Thank you to the Almighty for blessing me with a career that allows me to do what I love while touching people’s life, travelling the world and trying to make the world a better place for hungry children. To God be ALL the glory.

Much love to all artists and producers who make great Music. Without your art, I would have nothing to share with the world.

I look forward to a bigger and better 2015 (starting with trying to get my YouTube channel unbanned. I am not allowed to post new mixes for six months 🙁 Yikes!). I look forward to touring more of the world. I hope to get my mixes on different FM radios internationally.

Again, thank you for the love in 2014. I wish you and your loved ones a happy 2015 full of love and chocolate 🙂 May you be blessed beyond measure…

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